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planting trout eggs, and other activities
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Tips for fly fishing
-A leader system
-Right way to release trout
-Prepare for a high season
-How to select deer hair
-Management fishing spot syndrome!
-Practice for middle class
-Fly fishing is an inference game
-Property of fishing rod
-Fishing for Small fish

-Layered clothing system
-Get over your difficulties
-Shooting system
-Fishing vest
-Maners at rivers
-Camp & Fishing
-Risk aversion in the field
-Tying tools
-Fuzzy fly patterns

Salt Water Games
-Invitation to salt water
-Fishing for black rockfish
-Uncommon flyfishing
-Salt water flies
-Salt water tackle
-Photo album

Meeting Reports/Digests
-flash reports


-General meeting
-The Nagaragawa
-Fishing trip to Izu
-The Kinugawa
-The Yozawa


-The Kinugawa
-Banana cup

-The General meeting
-The Kinugawa
-The Ginryugawa
-The Sagaegawa
-Kawaba Off Site

-The Nagaragawa
-The Kinugawa
-The Yozawa
-The Yukawa
-The Sagaegawa
-Banana cup
-Kawaba Off Site

-The Yozawa
-The Takaharagawa
-The Yukawa
-The Sagaegawa
-The Itosirogawa
-Tono "Mr. Ashizawa's memory"
-Banana cup

Other Ivent's Reports
-Casting Clinic
-Casting School
-The Akigawa Expedition

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BESTROUT JPEG CONTEST / Memory of Mr.Hideo Irie Prize

The homepage of the first term was made by exertion of the member, Mr. Hideo Irie, in 1996. He was good at computer technology, and was enjoying fly-fishing in a mountain stream. It is really regretful to be passed away in 1999 too yung.
It can be told to development of old Japan Fly Fishers that it is because there was Mr. Irie's big power. Here -- the great achievements of him -- it should leave The page of

"BESTROUT JPEG CONTEST / memory of Hideo Irie, and Prize" was prepared.

Send the fish those picture was taken by mountain stream walk, scenery, and friends' photograph by the data of JPEG form, and an album is made on Web. If the work included in mind is found, please cast your vote freely. We want to give a prize from JFF to the work which became the annual top by the sum total of your vote and the last vote performed in an annual meeting (JFF general meeting). All serve as a contest made participation those who looked at this page. Please feel free to participate. In addition, an award ceremony is held in the annual meeting in February (JFF general meeting).

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How to vote

Please vote for the work you like from the vote window prepared below.

The vote window

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The essential points of an application
The regulations about application work

Consider as the picture file of JPEG form, constitute a file name from a half-width small letter, and give an extension as 'jpg'. Size may be down in the size suitable for a display here. (VGA: if it is 640x480 or less pics as it is) A work is restricted to photography or the thing which you have copyright. About the copyright of a work, to transfer to The Japan Fly Fishers shall have been agreed. (Copyright should be transferred at the time of an application) Even if a work is not an unpublished thing, it does not interfere.

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